The 水文科学学术浓度 (HSAC) for graduate studies is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering graduate students who are interested in all aspects of water; i.e., occurrence and quantity, distribution, circulation, quality, and management/policy use. The HSAC program emphasizes broad and rigorous training in a wide range of areas of expertise. Course topics for the concentration include Subsurface Hydrology, Surface Hydrology, Hydrologic Chemistry, Hydrologic Biology, Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques, and Hydrologic Policy & Management.

bt365体育网址(最新网址)的研究生院最近批准了修订,合并应HSAC简历完成集中化妆,让学生更加可行。在博士在夏天到2020年,研究生都开始水平和大师级别将被要求完成12学分,以履行浓度。所有研究生将需要从第1个主题完整的一门课程:地下水文;从主题2个疗程:表面水文;至少一门课程,并在两个剩余的四个主题(主题3: Hydrologic Chemistry; Topic 4: Hydrologic Ecology; Topic 5: Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques; and Topic 6: Hydrologic Policy & Management).

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